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40 Different Types of Hostas with Pictures

Hostas or plantain lilies are long-lasting perennials that love the shade.Their beautiful leaves, low-maintenance and resilience to harsh weather have made them a favorite with gardeners. Though they are not grown for their flowers, there are flowering and fragrant varieties that would charm you with their looks and smells. The plants come in a variety […]

Chestnut Rose

Cold Hardiness: Through zone 5 Image Source:,,,,,

Wood Lily

Image Source:,,,,,

Turkas Cap

Image Source:,,,,

Toad Lily

Cold Hardiness: Through zone 4 Image Source:,,,,

Tiger Lily

Cold Hardiness: Through zone 4 Image Source:,,,,,

Sweet Briar Rose

Image Credits:,,,,

Rugosa Rose

Cold Hardiness: Through zone 2 Image Source:,,,,

Royal Lily

Cold Hardiness: USDA zones 5-6 Image Source:,,,,,

Philippine Lily

Cold Hardiness: Zones 8-10 Image Source:,,,,,

When I Want to Feel Like Pure Luxury, I Wear This Perfume Brand

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24 Barely There Swimsuits for Barely There Tan Lines

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Floss Bikinis Are a Thing, and They're Exactly What You're Thinking

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I Had an Uncensored Beauty Chat With Tan France, and Warning: It Got Juicy

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22 Summer Finds That Were Totally Worth the Investment

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These 8 Tips From Kim K's Facialist Are So Good They Should Be Illegal

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I'm Red-Lip Shy, But Re-Creating Emily Alyn Lind's Cover Look Just Converted Me

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Edgar Wright talks music doc 'The Sparks Brothers' and why he's 'a frustrated band member'

Director Edgar Wright takes his fandom for influential art-pop duo Sparks to the next level by tracking the band's career with 'The Sparks Brothers.'

Real 'Fatherhood' story: Kevin Hart captured Matt Logelin's tragedy, joy a not the mother-in-law

"There were many nods to my real life," the real Matt Logelin says of Kevin Hart's portrayal of the widowed dad in Netflix's "Fatherhood."

Salma Hayek talks kicking action butt after 50 in 'Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard,' 'Eternals'

"Suddenly it's all happening," says Selma Hayek, who goes action hero in "The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard" and superhero in Marvel's "Eternals."

Kevin Hart can relate to diaper disasters, blowouts, crying babies from new dramedy 'Fatherhood'

Father of four Kevin Hart brought his own parenting skills to the role of a single parent in Netflix's "Fatherhood." Here's how Hart stacked up.

Pixar's 'Luca' trailer: Sea monster teenagers in Italian coming-of-age tale

The official trailer for Pixar's "Luca," featuring sea monsters Alberto and Luca.

Rita Moreno talks dating Marlon Brando, Latinx representation: 'Where is our "Moonlight"?'

EGOT winner Rita Moreno tells USA TODAY about dating Marlon Brando and how her Oscar for "West Side Story" didn't open up doors in Hollywood.

'We can all cheer together': Why Vin Diesel's driving audiences back to theaters for 'F9'

After a year-long delay due to COVID-19, 'F9' is poised to bring audiences back to theaters and there's nobody happier about it than star Vin Diesel.

What to watch this weekend: Pixar's 'Luca' on Disney+, Kevin Hart's 'Fatherhood' on Netflix

New films streaming and in theaters this weekend: Pixar's 'Luca,' Kevin Hart's 'Fatherhood,' and Edgar Wright's musical doc 'The Sparks Brothers.'

Rita Moreno 'incredibly disappointed with myself' following 'In the Heights' colorism defense

Rita Moreno and Lin-Manuel Miranda have both apologized following the backlash for the lack of Afro-Latino representation in "In the Heights."

Edgar Wright spotlights an essential band with 'The Sparks Brothers'

Director Edgar Wright chronicles the 50-year career and various musical reinventions of art-pop band Sparks with documentary 'The Sparks Brothers.'

Vin Diesel film 'F9' pits brother vs. brother in 'Fast and Furious' fashion

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is back to save the world but has to deal with his forsaken little brother (John Cena) in director Justin Lin's 'F9.'

Review: Pixar's 'Luca' delivers an Italian-flavored Disney+ delight for kids of all ages

It might lack the usual Pixar profundity but "Luca" is still a delightful tale of friendship and acceptance with two fun-loving kid sea monsters.

Robert Duvall on '12 Mighty Orphans,' his proudest performance and the major role he turned down

Robert Duvall, 90, cameos in heartwarming football drama "12 Mighty Orphans." The Oscar winner talks "Apocalypse Now," turning down "Jaws" and more.

Marvel debuts trailer for Chloe Zhao's superhero movie 'Eternals'

Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani and Salma Hayek star as immortal heroes in Marvel's 'Eternals,' directed by Chloe Zhao.

Marc Anthony's 'In the Heights' drama even shocked star Anthony Ramos: HeA was 'coming for blood'

Marc Anthony told "In the Heights" director Jon M. Chu before shooting his gritty scene: "I got this. Don't worry. Just watch." He was right.

'It's Indy and Marion forever': Karen Allen opens up about being Indiana Jones' one true love as 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' turns 40

Star Karen Allen opens up about 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' on its 40th anniversary and reflects on playing Indiana Jones' "one true love."

'Oh my God, it's going to eat me': 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' stars talk filming the notorious face-melting scene

'Raiders of the Lost Ark" stars Karen Allen and Paul Freeman revisit the infamous face-melting scene for the Steven Spielberg film's 40th anniversary.

Gwyneth Paltrow reveals the only movie she can watch herself in: 'I really hate seeing myself'

Gwyneth Paltrow said she hates watching herself onscreen and recalled working with an "intimidating" scene partner at the Tribeca Festival on Monday.

Emily Sonnessa, LGBTQ rights pioneer and 'Love Wins' documentary subject, dies at 91

Emily Sonnessa, who was the subject of the documentary 'Love Wins' with her wife Jan Moore, has died at the age of 91.

Legendary actor Ned Beatty, 'Network' and 'Deliverance' star, 'Superman' henchman Otis, dead at 83

Ned Beatty, star of classic films such as "Deliverance," "Network" and 1978's "Superman" died Sunday. The legendary screen actor was 83.

'The Tomorrow War' trailer: Chris Pratt travels through time to fight human-eating aliens

Chris Pratt travels into the future to save today's Earth in "The Tomorrow War," coming to Amazon July 2.

'Super 8' drama at 10: JJ Abrams talks lingering mysteries, the roots of Sheriff Lamb's feud

As "Super 8" celebrates its 10th anniversary on June 10, writer and director J.J. Abrams tackles enduring mysteries, like the movie's biggest feud.

Chris Hemsworth trolls Chris Evans on his 40th birthday, posts photo with Chris Pratt

For Chris Evans' 40th birthday on June 13, Chris Hemsworth celebrated by trolling the Captain America actor, posting a photo with Chris Pratt.

'In the Heights' falls short, finishes behind 'A Quiet Place 2' at box office

The below-expectation debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "In the Heights" dampened Hollywood's hopes for a swift recovery at the summer box office.

'Super 8' at 10: JJ Abrams put the spotlight on Elle Fanning in star-making role

2011's "Super 8" focused on a group of young boys making a zombie movie, but it was 13-year-old Elle Fanning who emerged in the star-making role.

Jimmy Smits dug up an old 'NYPD Blue' singing scene to help nab his 'In the Heights' role

TV drama veteran Jimmy Smits breaking into song and dance are peak feel-good moments in the already joyous "In The Heights." Here's how he nailed it.

'A Quiet Place 2' stars break down that 'very emotional' ending, reveal hopes for third film (spoilers)

"A Quiet Place Part II" stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe discuss their final acts of bravery, what it's really like killing aliens. (Spoilers!)

John Krasinski recounts the scariest scene in 'Quiet Place II' for Emily Blunt: 'Did I just put my marriage on the line?'

John Krasinski was hesitant to return for 'A Quiet Place Part II' (in theaters Friday) with his wife, Emily Blunt. But one idea changed that.